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🇧🇴 Bolivia

4 stops • 9 days


Copacabana 4 days

Our first stop in Bolivia and a great option for staying on Lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world). It's also the closest point for a day trip to Isla del Sol.


Isla Del Sol 4 days

The day we planned to travel out to Isla del Sol happened to be the same day as Bolivia's presidential elections. As a result, no boats or buses were running so we spent another relaxing day in Copacabana.

Major City

La Paz 3 days

Eventful nights with protests right outside our hostel and tear gas being fired up and down the street. Our days were spent largely without incident and it was otherwise one of the safest and more relaxing cities on the continent. The Death Road cycle is a must.


Uyuni 2 days

We took a 3 day tour from Uyuni with Salty Desert which dropped us in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile on the other side. The sights and changing landscapes along the way are other worldy and make for fascinating 3 days.

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