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🇧🇷 Brazil

5 stops • 19 days

Major City

Rio 8 days

Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful & intimidating city offering the best and worst of what South America has to offer, we were both nervous and excited touching down on a new continent.


lha Grande 1 days

A supposedly beautiful island retreat a few hours from Rio - due to a fairly bleak looking weather forecast we decided to skip this and move straight onto Paraty.

Coastal Town

Paraty 4 days

A small and lively colonial coastal town set in a bay surrounded by islands and mountainous Atlantic forest. It is also famed for the production of Brazil’s most popular spirit cachaca, the main ingredient in Caipirinhas!

Major City

Sao Paulo 4 days

A monster, São Paulo is home to 20 million fiercely proud paulistanos. We stayed in Villa Madellena and loved the neighborhood feel of the place. Low rise two story buildings in a hilly area with a high rise backdrop lend it a unique neighborhood feel and the limitless cafes, bars, boutique shops & restaurants would rival the offering of any city in the world. Add a sunny warm winter and it's hard to beat.

National Park

Foz de Iguaçu 3 days

The most breathtaking thing we've ever seen. Knowing we'd be tight for time once we got to Argentina, we decided to visit from the Brazilian side and spend a day on either side exploring it from every angle.

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